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Why You Should Buy Name-Brand Discounted Flea/Tick Meds From PPAW

You’ve seen the ads, you’ve received the come-ons, and now you’re confused about where to purchase your pet’s flea and tick preventive products.  You can’t trust your pet’s health and well-being with just anyone, so where do you go?  We will ask and answer the question for you... why buy Advantage and/or Frontline products from PPAW?

  1. PPAW is an official retailer of GENUINE Bayer Advantage and Merial Frontline products.  We are also subject to the Department of Agriculture guidelines and policies regarding the sale and distribution of these products, which are officially classified as pesticides.  No chance of buying counterfeit or expired products here!

  2. PPAW has been supplying the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area with Advantage and Frontline products since 2006, and we have a proven customer service track record.

  3. PPAW is a licensed 501c(3) non-profit spay/neuter clinic.  Our veterinarians are board certified with many years of experience.  We provide low cost spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and discounted flea products to our many clients who wish to keep their pets healthy, but may not have the means to pay the higher prices that full-service veterinary clinics might charge.  Any profits from the sale of these flea products are plowed right back into the clinic, which help us keep our surgery and vaccination prices low.

  4. Our prices are consistently low because of our high sales volume.  You don’t have to buy a large quantity to guarantee the price, just to have the product expire before you can use it.  You can buy as little, or as much as you need, and always know that you will receive fresh, unexpired, genuine name brand product.

  5. Come by our clinic, our courteous personnel can help you select the product(s) that are right for your pet's needs.

  6. We also carry heartworm preventives for dogs, making our clinic your one-stop place for flea, tick AND heartworm products.  Heartguard products are available with a prescription or proof of a negative heartworm test within the last 12 months.  Please call the clinic at (865) 856-7729 for more information.

  7. Our employees use these same products on their own pets, and are familiar with the use and effectiveness of each product.  No matter who you talk to, they will be able to help you select the best product for your pet.

  8. And finally...We are as dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets as you are!


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